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Digital Technology Assist in Heineken

Digital Technology Assist in Heineken

Heineken has taken another exciting step forward in its innovation journey in order to stay ahead of shifting customer needs and preferences. The Dutch giant is looking for Italian bright students who want to be challenged at a high speed in one of the most dynamic organizations in the world.

In a highly competitive and professionalizing path, digital technology assist provides a specializing training to introduce disruptive new technologies and digital experiences, to capture and develop innovations in each area. The 6 month internships will be spent in in two Italian factories Heineken, Aosta (AO) and Massafra (TA). The aim of this collaboration is to improve an integrated information and process flow with the following characteristics:

  • Digital assisted operation and maintenance with information on demand,
  • Remote expertise with local hands with brain –remote troubleshooting,
  • Ease of finding correct spares with image search capability.

Digital Technology Assist is an educational project for talented Master’s students (laurea magistrale) to contribute to the growth of the digital skills within two Heineken factories. The aim is to exploit new digital technologies, to stimulate innovation processes and to offer the chance to live a work experience in a multinational environment for 6 months. Based on this experience, students can develop the Master’s thesis with Prof. G. Vaia. There are two open positions, detailed information at the following link:

Workstream #1 Digital Assisted Preventive maintenance (Develop a proof of Concept)

  • Workplace: Aosta (AO)
  • Safe & Hands free execution is a prerequisite,
  • Work with brewery technical staff develop work instructions (WI) for a chosen machine,
  • Integrate Work instruction using Augmented reality glasses,
  • Prove the concept can work in the shop floor using Augmented reality to perform maintenance tasks step by step as per the work instruction,
  • Possibility to skip/pause/repeat a step in the WI,
  • WI should be modular, easy to modify the specific step in the WI (part of the WI),
  • Solution needs to be scalable,
  • Brewery to be able to add the new WI for different equipment easily and integrate with Augmented reality,
  • Possibility to easily switch/change the language,
  • Local hands with brain guided by expert from a remote location.

Workstream #2

Develop the capability for the use of Image search to locate for spare parts by designing a system to achieve the following goals:

  • Find the spare using image search in local
  • Display availability of spare parts/location in the local store
  • Display key specifications via internal database
  • Solution needs to be scalable
  • Extend the search possibility in the supplier catalogue/internet
  • Availability of parts search within Heineken global Database or supplier
  • Specification search possibility within Heineken global Database or supplier
  • Workplace: Massafra (TA)


 Travel, accommodation & meals.


  • 1 week paid trip to Heineken in the Netherlands
  • Opportunity to present your project to the senior management of Heineken
  • Interactive tour through the dynamic world of Heineken at Heineken Experience
  • Learn how Heinkeen is produced in the mega factory of Heineken and learn from it

Application procedure

Send you CV at del@unive.it // g.vaia@unive.it

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